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More on ANSI Z308.1-2015

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As in earlier posts we have focused on the Class A kits because that is what is most appropriate for most work places. For more information about Class B kits have a look at our post on that subject.
In addition to the required items ANSI/ISEA have a supplemental list of items that they’d like you to consider as well. For clarity ANSI is the American National Standards Institute and ISEA is the International Safety Equipment Association. These two organizations worked together to create this new standard
As in prior ANSI updates there are required items and suggested or supplemental first aid items. Z308.1-2015 is no exception. Even though this update requires the largest number and types of first aid items for workplace first aid kits they expect these kits to be augmented by adding more of the required items or some of the supplemental items where appropriate.
They say, “It is recognized that each work environment is unique and it is expected that a first aid kit containing the minimum required first aid supplies will be augmented with additional items or additional quantities of required supplies based upon the specific hazards existing in a workplace environment.”
They go on to say, “Such items should be based on the recommendation and consultation of a person competent in first aid and cognizant of the hazards and on the number of people found in the workplace.” They don’t say much about who that person might be. They also defer to Federal, State and local requirements where appropriate.
We’ve included for your review the recommended supplemental items in this new standard.
So what does all this mean? Our thoughts on the “Supplemental First Aid Supplies for Considerations – Applicable Environments” are pretty straight forward, if it makes sense to you in your workplace then by all means supplement but don’t feel pressured. If your workplace first aid kit is already up to Class A standards you’ve got a pretty darn good first aid kit and you could just leave it there.

If you need more information use our ANSI Z308.1-2015 Compliance page.

Low dose aspirin Used to treat suspected heart attack
Hemostatic agent For individuals with compromised clottting or uncontrolled bleeding
Electrolyte replacement Heat-stress related injuires
Glucose replacement Diabetic or hypoglycemic episodes
Analgesic (oral/or topical )/anti-inflammatory Pain management; swelling control
Hydrocortisone Itchiness and skin-related reactions including rashes
Antihistimine Allergic reactions
Foil blanket Treat shock and/or cold stress related injuries