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First Aid Kit Refills

First aid kit refills for the most common workplace kits.

We stock economy first aid kit refills, refills for ANSI Class A first aid kits, ANSI basic kits, Class B first aid kits, office first aid kits, construction/jobsite kits, restaurant and food service first aid kits, industrial kits, and vehicle/truck first aid kits.

If you have a large number of first aid kits to refill, please call our office for discount pricing at 1-800-874-8767 or email your list to

Our first aid kit refills are assembled from fresh inventory, which means any products with expiration dates will have a long shelf life. Our 30+ years of experience in the workplace first aid industry has helped us to understand the most commonly used and popular first aid products for the workplace and to help you keep your first aid kits complete. Use our first aid kit supply worksheet to learn what products are needed for your kits.

All of our refills are filled to ANSI Z308.1-2021 standards for both Class A and Class B first aid kits. ANSI is considered the minimum standard for a workplace first aid kit – Class A kits require 19 first aid products and Class B kits require 22 items.

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