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A Guide to Class A First Aid Kit Requirements

| Melinda Christilaw

The Basics of Class A First Aid Kits

A Class A first aid kit is more than just an accessory in the workplace; it’s a fundamental safety requirement, defined under the ANSI standard, for addressing minor injuries that commonly occur both in work settings and everyday life. This kit, often highlighted by OSHA as a model for workplace first aid compliance, has evolved through regular updates by industry professionals, with the most recent revisions made in 2021.

What’s Inside a Class A First Aid Kit?

This kit typically includes 19 required items, each in specified quantities to address a range of common injuries. Depending on your specific workplace environment, local, and state or industry-specific requirements, not all items may be necessary. However, it’s crucial to understand that these 19 items form the baseline from which you can build a more customized kit that meets your particular needs.

  1. 16 Adhesive Bandage 1 x 3 in.
  2. 1 Adhesive Tape 2.5 yd (total)
  3. 10 Antibiotic Application 1/57 oz
  4. 10 Antiseptic 1/57 oz
  5. 1 CPR Breathing Barrier
  6. 1 Burn Dressing (gel soaked) 4 x 4 in.
  7. 10 Burn Treatment 1/32 oz
  8. 1 Cold Pack 4 x 5 in.
  9. 2 Eye Covering w/ means of attachment 2.9 sq. in.
  10. 1 Foil Blanket 52 x 84 in
  11. 1 Eye/Skin Wash 1 fl oz total
  12. 1 First Aid Guide
  13. 10 Hand Sanitizer 1/32 oz
  14. 2 pr Medical Exam Gloves
  15. 1 Roller Bandage 2 in. x 4 yd
  16. 1 Scissors
  17. 2 Sterile pad 3 x 3 in.
  18. 2 Trauma pad 5 x 9 in.
  19. 1 Triangular Bandage 40 x 40 x 52 in.

Ensuring Compliance and Avoiding Penalties

To stay compliant, you should maintain these supplies in at least the minimum quantities suggested. Think of this as the foundation of your workplace safety protocol. If your organization requires a Class A kit and fails to meet these standards, you could face fines. A practical tip is to keep additional supplies or even a refill kit handy to avoid last-minute scrambles for replacements.

Selecting the Right First Aid Kit

Typically, a Class A kit is adequate for most workplaces, but the size and quantity you choose can vary. These kits range from small truck or economy kits to larger industrial-sized kits housed in metal wall-mounted cabinets. These larger options not only meet minimum requirements but also include additional commonly used items scaled to the size of the kit.

Customizing Your Kit

For workplaces with specific hazards, such as metal shops or food service industries, you might consider tailoring your Class A kit with extra items. For instance, metal shops might add eye magnets to remove metal shavings, or food service settings might include high-visibility or metal-detectable bandages.

Maintenance Is Key

Maintaining your first aid kit is akin to keeping your pantry stocked. Regular checks are necessary to ensure all 19 required items are present and in good condition. Pay special attention to items with expiration dates and replace any supplies like bandages that may lose their effectiveness over time. Depending on your workplace, you might need to check your kit monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually.

Choosing First Aid Supplies Online for Your First Aid Needs

At First Aid Supplies Online, we understand the importance of a well-equipped first aid kit. We offer a variety of Class A kits and can help customize a solution that fits your specific workplace requirements. To learn more about how we can help enhance your workplace safety, reach out for a free consultation.


A Class A First Aid Kit is indispensable in most workplace environments, equipped to handle the most common types of injuries as outlined by the ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2021 standard. While not mandated by OSHA, the responsibility to maintain appropriate first aid supplies falls on employers. By choosing the right kit and ensuring it’s fully stocked and regularly maintained, you can provide a safer environment for everyone in your workplace. For further insights into navigating compliance and enhancing your safety protocols, be sure to visit our blog on the role of OSHA in first aid kit compliance.

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