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Now that you’ve been through the process of restocking your first aid kit we thought we’d share the details on the subject of our post.
Using the First Aid Supply Inventory Worksheet we first did a physical inventory of the Before kit. We removed the products that had damaged packaging, had been used or expired. We also removed the empty or almost empty self dispensing boxes.
What we found:
There were small quantities of three kinds of ointments that had expired, those we tossed.
There were a few left over plastic 1 X 3 strips and we tossed the box and put the strips into a pocket on the door.
There was a handful of small strips that got the same treatment, box tossed and strips in the pocket.
Two antiseptic sprays were tossed, both expired.
Two empty tablet boxes and an empty roll of tape also got tossed.
One used instant ice pack and two used rolled gauze bandages…tossed.
Here’s what we were able to save:
1) Triangle Bandage
1) 4″ Compress
1) Eye Pad Unit
1) Latex Exam Gloves
1) CPR Shield
10) Butterfly Closures
1) Kit Scissors.
Then we neated up and cleaned the cabinet and restocked with the following:
1)Large Compress 24 X 72
1)Individually Wrapped Latex Exam Gloves
1)100/box 1 X 3 Plastic Strips
1)50/box 7/8 X 3 Elastic Strips
1)40/box Elastic Fingertip Bandage
1)40/box Elastic Knuckle Bandage
1)2 oz. Pump Antiseptic Spray
1)20/box Antiseptic Wipes
1)20/box Triple Antibiotic Ointment
1)20/box Anti Itch Cream
1)3-Cut Adhesive Tape
1)10/box 3 X 3 Sterile Gauze Pads,
1)each, 2″ and 3″ Rolled Gauze Bandage
1)each Small & Large Instant Ice Pack
1)6/pack Burn Free Burn Gel
1)2 X 6 Burn Free Burn Dressing
1)4 oz. Sterile Eye Wash
1)8 oz. Sterile Eye and Body Wash
1)Kit Tweezer
1)100/box Generic Ibuprofen Tablets
1)100/box Generic Antacid Tablet
1) First Aid Guide
Total time invested, about twenty minutes, and the replacement items cost, $72.48, but we’ve done this once or twice before. It might take you an hour or more the first time you do this but what a reward.
You get one beautifully restocked first aid kit that meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI standards. You save a ton of money and create a safer work environment, this a real win/win.