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Got side tracked this last month with the product change out on the website. We tried to let everyone know that the First Aid Direct brand was acquired in a corporate merger earlier this year.
So we had to find a suitable replacement products for about a third of our product line. This was a major project that consumed a lot of time, energy and dollars. Every new item had to be photographed and loaded onto the website with new item numbers and descriptions. A similar situation was going on in the warehouse while at the same time business continued at it’s usual brisk pace. It was a lot like being a juggler, then suddenly some one throws you another ball to juggle and oh by the way, please ride this unicycle down a bumpy road at the same time.
The largest part of this project is complete so I will be paying better attention to the blog.
Interestingly enough we’ve gone through this exercise before. Years ago, (before we had a website) we were distributing a quality line of first aid products that got acquired in a corporate merger. What is truly amazing is that it was the same Corporation doing the acquiring. Yes that’s right dear readers, there is consolidation going on in the first aid industry, again.
We suspect that this is not good news for buyers of first aid supplies.
Tune in later in the week and we’ll provide some more detail on what’s going on and how you can benefit from these changes.