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Blood Stop Hemostatic Gauze

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SANTA CLARA, CALIF., June, 2005 — LifeScience PLUS introduces BloodSTOP hemostatic gauze, an amazingly fast, simple and effective method for controlling and stopping bleeding in a wide array of clinical situations. Patient and clinician testimonials have repeatedly declared BloodSTOP’s performance in stopping bleeding as bordering on miraculous.
BloodSTOP hemostatic gauze expands to a clear gel upon contact with blood, stopping bleeding 80% faster than traditional cotton gauze and pressure techniques.
When it comes into contact with blood, BloodSTOP hemostatic gauze speeds coagulation and expands to a gel that adheres to the surface and applies pressure as it seals the wound. BloodSTOP hemostatic gauze can be used on anyone who is bleeding, whether from a minor cut or major surgery. It is ideal for use in a variety of scenarios as diverse as home first aid kits,school athletic fields, emergency responders’ kits, veterinary offices, operating rooms, dental offices, ob/gyn offices and battlefields. BloodSTOP has been successfully field-tested in scenarios including neurosurgery, thoracic surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, bone surgery, plastic surgery, oral surgery, OB/GYN, colorectal surgery and surface biopsies.
BloodSTOP hemostatic gauze is a revolutionary, hypoallergenic treatment for hemostasis care that is made from biologically inert, natural regenerated cellulose. Whether for final treatment or temporary control, BloodSTOP safely and quickly stops bleeding. It interacts with blood platelets and fibrin to form a hemostatic matrix – a gelatinous clear shield that seals the wound and stops bleeding quickly and safely. In situations requiring further medical attention, BloodSTOP has enough tensile strength to keep most wounds and lacerations together, and can stabilize bleeding and protect the wound from infection.
BloodSTOP is a safe, completely natural, water-soluble hemostatic agent made from the finest regenerated cellulose to promote a healthy environment for natural healing. It is not animal-based, so the potential for contamination is minimal.
BloodSTOP generated major interest at the California Dental Association (CDA) exhibition in May. LifeScience PLUS experienced a constant stream of doctors and clinicians at their booth during the entire show, and sold all BloodSTOP products they brought with them. The company will also exhibit at the Emergency Medical Services Expo in New Orleans, August 25-27.
A sampling of applications for BloodSTOP:
  • Sports – BloodSTOP hemostatic gauze is especially useful for stopping bleeding in contact sports such as football, boxing, hockey and martial arts.
  • Dentistry – A dentist can use BloodSTOP to control bleeding from a socket during extraction, or use it to reduce blood loss during a complex root canal. It’s also excellent for procedures such as wisdom teeth extraction, reconstructive surgery and implants.
  • Military – On and off the battle field, bleeding is a major cause of disability and death for soldiers. Soldiers need a quick and effective way to stop bleeding and protect wounds. Medics and soldiers can use BloodSTOP to save blood and lives.
  • Veterinary – Made of natural regenerated cellulose, BloodSTOP is safe to use for hemostasis on all animals that the veterinarian is likely to encounter.oring.
  • Emergency – BloodSTOP is the ideal hemostatic gauze to be used in emergency settings. Each gauze is sterilely packaged and easy to handle and apply. For most wounds, the EMS professional simply applies the gauze to the bleeding site with a little pressure.
  • General Surgery – BloodSTOP can be used in a variety of outpatient applications such as burn or wound care, minor surgery and laceration repair.
For best results, simply clean the wound of any debris, then apply a BloodSTOP hemostatic gauze to the wound with direct gentle pressure for a few seconds. Additional gauzes may be applied if necessary. Standard wound dressings can be applied for further protection (bandage wraps, etc.). To remove the gauze, saturate with sterile water or saline, and then gently wipe the gauze away from the clot surface.
About LifeScience PLUS
LifeScience PLUS is dedicated to serving the needs of hospitals, medical centers, nursing homes, practicing health care professionals and emergency/first responders. The company’s mission is to provide high-quality, cost-effective medical solutions and to continually bring leading-edge products to the marketplace to improve the quality of medical care.
The BloodSTOP family of products is backed by the LifeScience PLUS Research and Development team, which brings over a century of combined experience in product development, regulated manufacturing processes and quality assurance. They are committed to constantly working on new, innovative and useful products for medical care.