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We were informed recently that one of our significant vendors has been acquired in a corporate purchase. First Aid Direct which has been our primary Industrial First Aid Supplies since 1996 is no more. We have heard from the corporate purchaser and the news is not good. Basically, the First Aid Direct brand is going away.
We were notified by an official of the purchasing corporation that First Aid Direct products would only be available during a “transition period” and beyond that we would have access to one of their other brands in replacement.
In other words our way or the highway.
We looked at their other brands and decided to go in a different direction. Our focus has always been to maximize value for our customers. So we have begun to replace the First Aid Direct brand with Swift First Aid products. Our decision to go with Swift is based on our long term relationship with the company and our knowledge of their quality and service. Most importantly, we can assure our long term customers that they will continue to receive the quality and value that the have always enjoyed at First Aid Supplies
Over the next 90 days you will begin to see the product changes at the website. We have kept the replacement products as close to the industry standards and the out going brand as possible.
You will see some product numbers and descriptions change, but you may rely on our quality guarantee.
Be sure and refresh your browser if it has been awhile since you visited the website.