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First Aid for Skiing

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Snow is beginning to fall and the mountains are ready for the winter skiing season. Skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports are favorite pastimes for many, but when you think of all that could go wrong while you’re on the slopes, it’s important to be prepared. Whether it’s a broken bone or a laceration, there’s a variety of accidents and injuries that happen on the mountain and in order to stay safe and healthy, it’s essential to have a fully stocked skiing first aid kit that’s compact and accessible.

Consider these details when building your skiing first aid kit:

  • How long do you plan to be on the mountain?
  • What will weather conditions be like?
  • What time of day or night will you be on the mountain?
  • How many people will be with you?
  • Do any of those people have medical conditions that need specific medication?

Keep safety top of mind

Considering the mountains are covered in wet snow, it’s important to pack water-resistant first aid supplies. Avoid using cloth or fabric first aid kits, as they’ll absorb any water they come in contact with. Keep in mind how many people you’ll be skiing with. It’s important to pack your skiing first aid kit with enough supplies to treat everyone. Also, consider the medical conditions of those you’re traveling with if any, and pack the necessary medication. Will it be night time when you’re skiing? Bring a compact flashlight just in case. Keeping everyone safe and comfortable on the mountain will allow you to enjoy your trip and have fun.

Your skiing first aid kit should be compact, water-resistant, and light

Build a skiing first aid kit that is as small and lightweight as possible to keep the amount of weight you’ll be carrying on the mountain to a minimum. A lightweight, water-resistant backpack is a great place to carry your skiing first aid kit. If you’re not carrying a backpack, keep your skiing first aid kit zipped underneath your jacket or between your various layers. Make it easily accessible so you can reach your supplies when you need them.

Keep an additional first aid kit in the car

If you won’t be carrying a skiing first aid kit with you on the mountain, keep one in the car. Having an additional first aid kit will allow you to be prepared with larger items you may not want to carry on the mountain, like medical wraps for strains and sprains.

What to put in your skiing first aid kit

If you’re not sure what to pack in your skiing first aid kit, here are some essentials to keep you safe. Keep in mind, the quantities of first aid supplies will depend on the number of people with you.

Keep yourself and everyone around you safe this season, and make sure to pack a skiing first aid kit that’s fully stocked with all of the supplies you need.