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Hydrogel Emergency Fire/Trauma Blanket – 36″ x 30″


20 SB 3630 Burn Free Fire/Trauma Blanket 36″ X 30″

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This is the 36″ x 30″ Fire/Trauma Blanket.

Hydrogel Survival Fire/Trauma Blankets are designed for emergency and industrial use as first aid for burns and also to provide physical protection from heat, fire, and smoke.  The blankets are made of a pure virgin wool, woven with a unique interlinking cell construction.  The special construction, in conjunction with the wool fiber, allows the blanket to hold up to 14 times its weight of the hydrogel solution.  Hydrogel Fire/Trauma Blankets provide physical protection from fires.  When draped over the head and body, fire-resistant blankets are a protective shield for a rescuer or a person trapped by fire.  The blankets also can be thrown over a burning area to extinguish flames and thereby create an escape route.

For immediate first aid treatment, the blankets can be wrapped around a person whose clothes are burning or who has sustained a burn injury.  Hydrogel blankets will instantly extinguish fires, while at the same time, wetting and cooling the fuel, which is usually clothing.  This use of hydroel blankets reduces physiological and psychological trauma by providing immediate cooling, soothing, and moistening of the burn.

Hydrogel blankets can be used to reduce the pain and trauma of wounds from fires, flames, scalds, chemical, and electrical injuries.  However, with chemical burns, the wound must be thoroughly irrigated, and preferably neutralized, before using the blanket.  With electrical burns, the current must be turned off before using the blanket since the hydrogel solution is water-based and conducts electricity.

Hydro blankets can be used to extinguish fires, including pan or grease fires which occur in the kitchen.  Before using for this purpose, turn off the electricity or gas.  Place the blanket over the fire in a motion away from the body.  After waiting for several minutes, the blanket can be removed.

The  Hydrogel Survival Fire/Trauma Blanket is packed in a durable, flexible barrel bag with sealable double velcro openers.  The bag’s flexibility makes it comfortable to carry.

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