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Adult/Child CPR Resuscitator Mask with Soft Case


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Emergency CPR Resuscitator Mask from Work ‘n Leisure Safety Products.  Mask comes in a soft zipper case, with belt loop and swivel clip, that also contains a pair of latex-free gloves and antiseptic wipe.  Soft pliable bladder ensures a secure seal while clear mask allows easy visibility for proper positioning and monitoring.  Mask has a supplemental oxygen inlet, one-way valve with filter that prevents cross-contamination with patient, and elastic head strap.  Suitable for use with adults and children.

Mask can be cleaned and reused with replacement of the single-use one-way valve.  It can also be used with the CPR Practi-Valve during CPR manikin training.  Quantity discount available upon request.

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Dimensions 4 × 1.75 × 5 in