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The NEW Save-a-tooth from Phoenix Lazerus is everything you always wanted in a tooth saving kit and a lot less!  That’s right the all new Save-a-tooth has been shrunk! That means that this terrific little tooth saver kit can go along with you just about anywhere. The tooth preservation kit first aid is now small enough that it can fit right in your first aid kit, purse or gear bag.  This is a huge advantage that the old stlye (as wonderful as it was) just couldn’t provide.  We like this tooth preservation kit so much that we are including it in a couple of our specialized first aid kits.


Recommended by the ADA, Save-A-Tooth emergency tooth preservation kit first aid was created by a dentist. This tooth saver kit allows a knocked-out tooth to be kept alive for up to 24 hours. Once out of the mouth a tooth will begin to die within 15 minutes, and within two hours there is little chance of successfully restoring the tooth to the mouth. Using the Save-A-Tooth system (the quicker the better) a tooth can be successfully replanted and retained in up to 90% of patients.

The tooth saver kit system contains a small plastic jar of Hanks balanced salt solution with a removable suspension basket for holding and protecting the tooth while in the solution. An essential tool to have on hand for restoring a tooth, because there’s nothing quite like the real thing. Save-A-Tooth from First Aid Supplies Online has a shelf life of two to three years.

Kit Dimensions 1-5/8″ Diameter 1-1/2″ Height

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