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Wilderness First Aid Manual


Wilderness First Aid Manual from Hart Health easily fits into first aid kit or backpack.

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Wilderness First Aid Manual, A reference Guide to Backcountry First Aid by wilderness medicine physician William W. Forgey, M.D. Small size, 75-page first aid manual covers treatments and first aid for injuries, illness, frostbite, animal bites, lacerations, broken bones, and more. Dr. Forgey writes that appropriate urban first aid and wilderness first aid can be substantially different due to the remote locations and lack of immediate access to medical treatment. This handy first aid pocket guide is great for a first aid kit or backpack.

Copyright 2006 by William W. Forgey, M.D. 13th printing, 6th edition, September 2020.

Approximate size of wilderness first aid book is 5-3/4″ x 3-3/4″ x 1/4″. Hart Health #0592

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