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NuStat 4″x4″ Hemostatic Dressing – 1 Dressing


Nustat 4″x4″ Dressing – 1/pack

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NuStat® 4″x4″ Hemostatic Dressing by Beeken Biomedical LLC. Nustat is composed entirely of Hemafiber, a proprietary blend of hemostatic fibers that control bleeding through the absorption of fluid, resulting in a physical aggregation of blood cells and clotting factors at the injury site.

NuStat provides fast bleeding control, needs no preparation, is ultra-absorbent, easy to apply and required no post treatment irrigation of the wound.

Use this dressing for the temporary control of bleeding in minor cuts, lacerations and abrasions. You use this product as you would use standard gauze. Packed 1 dressing per foil pouch, this is the perfect addition to any first aid kit.

NuStat is non-impregnated and does not contain latex, external coatings or animal/human proteins. This products meets or exceeds US Department of Defense specifications for quality and functionality.

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Weight .56 oz
Dimensions 4 × 5 × .5 in