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How To Train Your Employees on First Aid Use

| IvoryGorilla

Employees are the most valuable asset in an organization. You must protect them by providing them with a safe place to work. But a medical emergency can occur even in the safest environment. This is why every workplace needs a qualified first aid practitioner.

Employees face several risks daily such as cuts, burns, eye hazards, slips and falls, etc. A colleague trained in first aid can help save their life by containing the injury or illness until an ambulance or qualified medic arrives.

First aid is a necessary skill for your employees to have. But how can you ensure that your team is proficient in this skill? Keep reading for the key steps to follow when training your employees on first aid.

Identify the First Aid Training Needs of Your Organization

Every worksite is different with unique work processes, layouts and even employees. This is why OSHA regulations require first aid training to address the specific needs of each workplace. The industry you operate in, the number of employees you have and proximity to a hospital or medical facility all influence the type of first aid training you should offer.

So the first step to training your employees on first aid is to conduct a thorough risk assessment of your site. This includes all your work processes.

You can then come up with a training program that covers injuries that are likely to occur at your company. Keep a record of all your risk assessments so that you can present them during safety inspections and audits.

Select the Employees To Be Trained

If your site isn’t within 3 to 4 minutes of an emergency medical facility your training must include CPR. Additionally, you must have at least one trained first aider per shift. So when choosing employees to train, ensure that you pick from diverse teams so that you always have someone trained on each shift.

Organizations with many employees should have more people trained in first aid. Additionally, if your work processes are risky, such as in the construction industry, you’ll need more first aid trained employees. To be on the safe side, offer first aid training to all your employees.

Prepare Adequate First Aid Supplies

Before you can start the first aid training, you must prepare a first aid kit list for your organization and buy all the items. Standard offices may get by with a basic first aid kit. You can find this guideline in the American National Standards Institute ANSI Z308.1 – 2003, Minimum Requirements for Workplace First Aid Kits.

Industrial sites may need more equipment, PPE, and first aid kits. Ask your local fire department or a first aid supplier for advice on what items to stock up on. You can also shop for and find cost-friendly first aid kits online.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to check your inventory regularly and restock based on your needs.

Start the Training

Once you establish your training needs and stock up on your first aid kits, you can start your training. If any of your employees is a qualified first aid trainer then you can conduct the training in-house. This training is best if you don’t have a huge training budget and your workplace isn’t hazardous.

The limitations of in-house training are that you may not have mannequins. There is also other costly equipment that official first aid trainers have. But your trainer can conduct partner practice and training videos to bridge the gap.

You can also supplement your in-house training with online first aid courses. These are professional courses that come with certification. So you can rest assured that your employees will learn the basics of first aid.

Hire an Expert

You can hire a qualified first aid trainer from a reputable organization. For instance, the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross or the National Safety Council. Also consider any other nationally recognized and private educational organizations.

Trainers from these organizations will have a lot of first aid experience and the latest curriculum based on scientific evidence. They’ll come with a full training kit that includes mannequins. This means your employees will get the full spectrum of information they need in case of an emergency.

If you work in a hazardous industry such as construction then it is a must to get your employees professionally trained. You can also buy their online or DVD courses if the cost is too high. Have employees go through their courses with an in-house facilitator.

Course Curriculum

Whether you use an internal or external trainer, the course curriculum must cover the below points:

  • How to respond to a health emergency
  • How to assess a scene and a victim
  • How to respond to life-threatening Emergencies
  • How to respond to non-life-threatening emergencies

Be sure all of these modules are included for a well-rounded curriculum.

Recognize Trained Employees

It’s important to recognize all the employees that pass the first aid training. They committed their time and effort to learn this valuable skill. The best recognition you can give them is a first-aid certificate. This proves that they completed and passed the course.

You can also display their names on the notice board. Colleagues will recognize their first aider status and know to contact them in case of an emergency. Trained employees can also wear a special uniform so that they can be easily recognized by colleagues.

Provide Refresher Training

With time, employees will forget some elements of the first aid training that they undergo. To prevent this, OSHA recommends that you do refresher CPR training at least once a year. You could also do refresher first aid training every three years.

Keep a calendar of all training that you conduct and automate it to send an alert whenever an employee should get a refresher training. Conducting repeated first aid training may seem like a huge nuisance─ but your employees’ safety is worth it.

Don’t Skip Out on Training Employees on First Aid Use

First aid training is a lifesaving skill for your employees. It’s important to provide it for all your employees. Employees that undergo first aid training will act quickly and confidently to contain injuries or illnesses that occur at your workplace.

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