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Industrial Grade Adhesive Bandages for Everyday Emergencies

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Adhesive bandages are a must for every industrial first aid kit. From minor bruises to surface skin cuts, different types of bandages will help in providing immediate first aid treatment. Below are four of our most popular adhesive bandages that are easily accessible in your first aid kit for quick wound emergencies often needed in an industrial environment.

Patch, Sheer Strips, Knuckle, and Fingertip Bandages: This variety of adhesive bandages can be used to protect and cover many simple wounds on all areas of the body including some tough to cover places on the hand. Available in different sizes, these bandages protect the fresh wound and promote the healing process.

Butterfly Closures: These closures are thin adhesive strips that are used to close up small wounds, allowing the minor cut to heal more quickly. Butterfly closures can also be used to support the healing of surgical sutures.

Waterproof Bandages: This type of bandage is ideal while working in a moist or aqueous environment or when skin is frequently exposed to water. Most waterproof bandages are lightweight, flexible and latex free.

Liquid Bandages: Versatile liquid bandages create a layer of protection both over the wound and the surrounding skin. The liquid bandage is used to form a barrier film that protects the wound from dirt and water. After application, the liquid bandage dries quickly and remains waterproof for three to five days. A must have in every industrial first aid kit, liquid bandages provide yet another option for simple wound care.

When needed for a quick emergency, a simple bandage can do more than just provide temporary protection. A bandage will reduce the possibility of contamination and infections and may prevent the wound from becoming a more serious issue. Before applying any bandage, make sure to thoroughly clean the wound with antiseptics and apply a cream or an ointment prior to applying the bandage to dry skin. Your industrial first aid kit is complete when it includes a wide variety of adhesive bandages.