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A number of years ago a National restaurant chain asked us to develop a grab and go emergency burn first aid kit. Without mentioning names, this particular chain wanted to avoid being sued by their customers. We’ve all heard about the woman who spilled hot coffee into her lap and then sued the restaurant that sold her the coffee! In this case the woman won a several hundred thousand dollar settlement.
Our customer decided the thing they needed was a grab and go burn treatment kit so that they could get to their customer and minimize the damage a burn would do.
We designed a Velcro out burn kit that was an integral part of their first aid kit. The burn kit came in its own bag and could be left in the kit, vectored to an auxiliary location or simply placed in close proximity to where burns might occur.
This innovation has been so useful that we thought why not make it available to the rest of the world.
With one slight modification (we added two grommets in the back so you can hang it from a hook or nail) we launched the new kit in early August, 2007 .
It is available now as a part of our new Large Restaurant First Aid Kit or you can purchase it on its own.
This great little grab and go burn kit contains:
  • (6) 1/8 oz. Burn Free pain relieving burn gel
  • (4) 4″ X 4″ Sterile Burn Free burn dressings
  • (2) 8″ X 8″ Sterile Burn Free burn dressings
  • (1) each of the 2″ and 3″ Medi-Rip Cohesive Bandages.

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