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In OSHA’s Best Practices Guide under the Heading “First Aid Supplies” they say; “It is advisable for the employer to give a specific person the responsibility for choosing the types and amounts of first aid supplies and for
maintaining these supplies.”
These are great common sense words that we have been saying for years. We have been counseling our business customers with that advise for a long, long time. Although it takes a commitment in time and resources once the business has someone up to speed,
the return is unlimited.
Using the resources at our website and a little phone support stocking up on first aid supplies can become a simple ten to fifteen minute chore done once a month or so.
All you need is a copy of our First Aid Inventory Worksheet.
The critical items that OSHA refers to in the ANSI Z308.1-2003 “Minimum Requirements for Workplace First Aid Kits.” are highlighted on that form so that you will be sure not to miss them. (There are 8 items specified)
Take the Worksheet to your first aid kit locations and do a physical inventory. Return to your PC and plug in the needed items into our “Interactive Order Form”.
So there you have it OSHA and First Aid Supplies Online working together to save you money and provide a safer workplace. It’s a beautiful thing.