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Every year about this time we start hearing from sports teams, outdoor recreation facilities, camps, YMCA’s, State and National Parks and many municipal parks and recreations departments as they ramp up for another busy season. They are all looking to save money on the quality first aid supplies they know they are going to need for the upcoming season.

We have had the privilege to supply many hundreds, if not thousands of these types or organizations over the last 15 years or so and we’ve learned a great deal from them and wanted to pass along a few tidbits that you can use for your family or organization this spring.

The first tip is to sign up for our opt in email list as we send out special promotional offers on a regular basis. These promotional offers almost always include discount Ecoupons and often come with a free gift. The savings realized here could save you 10-25% or more when you take into consideration our free freight policy. (Orders $50.00 or more ship freight free.)

Our second tip is to buy in bulk when you can. We discovered long ago that you can stretch your dollars when you buy in bulk. A great example of this is our instant ice packs which are very popular this time of year. We offer those in two popular sizes and start with cases of 25, 50 and yes 125!

The next tip is bugs. You know they are going to join you on the field. So we have insect sting products in our “Critters Bites and Stings” category and some of which you can buy in bulk and save.

The last tip to share today is to plan ahead. You don’t want to have to start you season without your first aid supplies. Once you get you wish list together make sure you get your orders placed in a timely fashion as it takes time to process the orders usually 24-48 hours. Depending upon what part of the country you are in it could take an additional 5 business days to get your order delivered to your location.