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First Aid Supplies Online’s selection of Unit First Aid Products includes Unitized Bandages, Unitized Antiseptics & Swabs, Unitized Burn Treatment, Miscellaneous Unitized Supplies and Unitized Kits.

Individual unit first aid products include unitized bandages, compresses, gauze pads, antiseptic wound wipes, adhesive tapes, Sooth-A-Sting swabs, rescue blankets, hydrogel burn gels, creams, scissors, and biohazard bags and wipes. Our extensive selection makes refilling your unitized first aid kit fast and easy.

Unit first aid was invented a long time ago. The idea was to organize first aid supplies by putting them into a standard sized unit box that could also be color coded, roughly 4″ wide by 2-1/4″ tall and 1/2″ deep.  The double sized unit box is 4″ wide by 2-1/4″ tall like the single unit box but it is more than twice as deep at 1-1/4″.

With standard size boxes one could make standard size first aid kits and they became known as the ten unit, sixteen unit, twenty-four unit and thirty-six unit kits respectively. They can be purchased in either steel or plastic unit first aid kit boxes.

The steel unit first aid kit boxes are made of serious, heavy gauge sheet metal, feature a neoprene seal and are closed by spring loaded clips that keep the supplies inside clean and dry in the most challenging of elements. These kits also have carry handles and mounting brackets. Because of their sturdy construction, they make excellent first aid kits for vehicles and remote locations that are exposed to the elements.

The plastic unit first aid kit boxes are less expensive than the steel boxes but don’t provide the same protection from the elements. Plastic kit boxes are generally used in less demanding environments and where water corrosion is an issue.

Color codes are yellow (for bandages), blue (antiseptics), green (miscellaneous), red (burn treatments), and orange (blood borne pathogens).

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