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The Business Owner’s Guide to Selecting an OSHA Compliant First Aid Kit for Business

| Melinda Christilaw

In today’s digital marketplace, you’re confronted with an overwhelming array of first aid kits. For business owners, this choice is not merely about variety but about compliance and safety. Unlike kits designed for personal use, first aid kits for businesses—whether in manufacturing, processing, or service sectors—must adhere to specific standards.

OSHA Compliant First Aid Kit

The first step in narrowing down your options is to consult your local Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines. These regulations may vary by state and industry, but they’ll provide a baseline for what your business’s first aid kit should contain.

Class A vs. Class B Kits

When no specific mandates apply, aim for either a Class A first aid kit or Class B first aid kit. Class A kits cater to general workplaces with minimal hazards and easy access to medical facilities, while Class B kits are tailored for more dangerous or remote environments, equipped with a broader range of supplies, including tourniquets and splints.

The Importance of Proper Training

It’s crucial to have personnel trained in emergency first aid and CPR, especially if you opt for a Class B kit. Some items in these kits are intended for use by trained professionals only.

First Aid vs. Medical Emergencies

Remember, workplace first aid kits are for basic aid and life-saving measures to bridge the gap until professional medical services arrive—they’re not substitutes for comprehensive medical care.

Strategically Placed Kits for Larger Workplaces

If your business is large, you may need multiple kits. These should be strategically placed at ‘station’ areas to cater to specific employee counts, stocked with supplies for common industry-specific injuries.

Customization and Compliance

Our Industrial First Aid Kits for business meet Class A requirements and are suitable for most businesses. We also offer kits tailored to specific sectors like restaurants, construction, or vehicles. Class B kits come in various forms, including wall-mounted, waterproof, or first responder styles.

DIY Refills: Cost-Effective and Compliant

Many businesses save money by refilling their kits independently. With our refill packs, maintaining compliance is straightforward. Our website also offers inventory worksheets and interactive order forms to streamline your restocking process, with free shipping on orders over $100* and ongoing discounts.

The Universal Precautions Spill Kit

We recommend having a Universal Precautions Spill Kit on-site, particularly near your first aid stations, to manage any biohazard spills safely and correctly.

Staying Updated with ANSI/ISEA Standards

The latest ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2021 standard emphasizes the importance of preparedness for bleeding emergencies, suggesting the inclusion of a separate bleeding control kit and an assessment of risks and potential hazards in the workplace.

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