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The 1980’s brought us the First Generation of Hydro-Gels for burns with a Tea-Tree oil and water based gel. The 1990’s brought us the Second Generation of Hydro-Gels with the advancement of Open-Cell Foam dressings which became the wound care dressing of choice for the medical market worldwide.
Now, in 2011, the Third Generation of Hydro-Gels is brought to you by Cool Blaze Products with Aloe Vera! Cool Blaze has completely re-worked the Gel formula keeping the 95% water base and wetting agents that have proven effective burn relief while adding viscosity which helps keep the gel on the wound. A clear, see-through Gel allows for constant wound assessment even while applying the gel. A completely odorless gel allows for a comforting treatment even while applying to the face of the victim. We have eliminated the Tea-Tree Oil (which is now classified as a drug by the U.S. FDA and the Australian FDA) and added the natural plant extract Aloe Vera Gel. Aloe Vera has been used worldwide for over 2,000 years on burns and open wounds and contains many vitamins and minerals required for healthy skin regeneration.
So, are your burn care products up to date? Switch to the Third Generation of Hydro-Gels and the first real change to Hydro-Gels in over 20 years.