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We just had a cold spell.  For here that means temperatures down in to the low twenties. I know, I know, big deal you say we had 20 below last week.

For the record, the content of this post doesn’t make a distinction as to degree of cold in any given cold spell. Suffice it to say that it got cold and dry. The kind of cold and dry that wrecks your skin and loads everything you wear with that nasty annoying static electricity. You know what I am talking about.

Anyhow in this last episode my hands got so dry and chapped that I started to get cracks in my cuticles. The kind that show up all of sudden and crack straight down to the quick and smart like heck. I got one of those going and tried to live in denial for a day or so but it became so painful that I had trouble buttoning my shirt; never mind trying to help with the dishes.

So my bride says to me, why don’t you put some of the Liquid Skin™ stuff on it and see if that helps?

Because she has lived with me for almost 35 years and has had to listen to endless hours of product related shop talk she knows our products almost as much as I do and some even better. So I had to pay heed to her suggestion although I was certain that it was probably going to sting like crazy when I put it on. Gotta maintain that macho male image!

Long story short I opened one of the Liquid Skin™ pipettes and put a little dab on the split and to my happy surprise, I didn’t feel a thing. I blew on the dab until it dried, just a couple of minutes and right away I felt a lot better. The constant pain I had been in was gone. The pain and discomfort was gone but now there was a shiny little cover over the splint on my finger.

That shiny little cover stayed in place over the weekend and in to the new week. As of today the split is still protected and it has been three days since I first applied the Liquid Skin™, amazing.

You know what I’m going to say next, get some for your first aid kit but have it on hand next time you get a hangnail or cuticle split or a busted blister or you name it.  Liquid Skin™ helps even if you’re not bleeding.

Just thought I’d pass that on.