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What happened to Burn Free formula?

| Melinda Christilaw

We have been getting a few questions lately regarding Burn Free products. A few people have noticed it has changed. It used to have a pretty strong tea tree smell as that used to be one of the original ingredients in the original formula. It also used to be more of an opaque color.

Turns out Burn Free did change their formula back in 2018. It went from the name “Pain Relieving Gel” to its current name “Cooling Burn Gel“. The formula was upgraded to remove the scent that was causing added nausea to burn victims and was made completely clear for medical professionals to view the burn without having to remove the product. The added ingredient has superior anti-microbial and anti-bacteriostatic properties than its prior formulation.

Tea Tree oil comes from a plant and can change its properties, the upgraded ingredient can not do that. The formula is not just emulsified water, as with the original formula it is over 96%+ water. Water is an essential part of early cooling and promotes heat transfer from out of the burn site up into the gel.

So, most people probably have not noticed the formula has changed. We have been using Burn Free for decades and find both formulas in our experience have been equally effective at soothing and cooling our burns and sunburns over the years.

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