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Which First Aid Kits for Vehicles and Trucking Fleets Are Needed?

| IvoryGorilla

Medical emergencies such as cuts and burns happen on the job and often need immediate attention. First aid kits provide necessary bandages and supplies that can prevent infection, stop bleeding, and even help someone breathe and save their life.

Purchasing first aid kits for vehicles in your fleet will provide your staff with medical equipment that they need in emergencies. Let’s find out more about the options on what type of first aid kit is best for your vehicles

Being Prepared For Emergencies

No matter what the nature of your business is, emergencies can happen to anyone, anywhere. Is your staff trained in how to handle first aid and medical emergencies?

Training in basic first aid care and CPR does not take long to take a class and get certified but can save someone’s life.

Opening up the first aid kit that is in the staff member’s vehicle with them and going over each item so that they know how and when to use it. Test them once you review the items to make sure that they have absorbed the information.

Traveler’s First Aid Kits For Vehicles

Perfect for vehicles that are always on the go, a traveler’s first aid kit has a bit of every necessary first aid supply to accommodate your staff on the road. From pain relief to bandages and antiseptics.

The traveler’s first aid kit comes in a durable red tote bag that can easily be stored under a vehicle’s seat or hung on a hook in the cargo area for easy access in the case of emergencies.

When your company’s fleet first aid kits start depleting in supplies as they are getting used, you can order individual items if you would like or you can save time and money by ordering a first aid kit refill.

Vehicle or Truck First Aid Kit

This vehicle/truck kit is designed especially for situations like when you need a first aid kit in your fleet vehicles that can be used in emergencies. This compact box has safety gear, bandages, burn gel, antiseptic, tweezers, scissors, and even a CPR shield and first aid handbook.

All of this gear comes in a handy box with snaps and a handle and meets regulations and standards for a Class A workplace first aid kit.

Build a Custom First Aid Kit

Do you want a special mix of first aid essentials for your employees to have access to in your vehicle fleet or trucking fleet? Build your own custom first aid kit by picking and choosing which items match the needs of your business and have us assemble a kit made especially for your company.

Industrial First Aid Kits

Of course, we all want to have record-breaking moments when we go for long periods of time without injury or incident. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and accidents do happen from minor to major.

An industrial first aid kit is much larger than a standard kit and comes in a large metal cabinet box that gets attached to the wall of a business. However, it can also be used inside of a truck or vehicle in your company’s fleet.

CPR Mask and Mouth Shields

A CPR mask resuscitator should be included in every staff member’s vehicle. It can be a regular face shield or a CPR shield with a one way valve.

These two items are used to protect both the recipient and the facilitator from germ and disease transfer when giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Should one of your staff members stop breathing or come upon someone that needs CPR, it can be administered.

Gloves and Safety Gear

The first rule of first aid is safety first. When administering first aid to another person, we should first protect both of us with a pair of nitrile gloves, and in some cases a face shield.

Bandages & Stop Bleeding Products

In the case of a cut, it is important to cover the wound to help prevent infection and to stop the bleeding. An adhesive bandage may be a temporary solution until the staff member can reach the hospital, should the wound be deep or severe enough to need professional medical attention.

A first aid kit will include bandages of all shapes and sizes to accommodate cuts of all shapes and sizes. In addition to bandages, there will be gauze and tape for DIY bandages.

Stop bleeding products can range from gauze or packets of stop bleeding powders for minor injuries. For deeper or more serious wounds, a hemostatic granule-filled plunger should be used because it can be inserted into deeper wounds until getting to get to a doctor’s office or hospital.

Antiseptic and Antibacterial Products

When the skin is broken open by a cut, scrape, burn, or another injury it is susceptible to getting infected by whatever is in the air, and whatever it comes into contact with. Antiseptic is included in every type of first aid kit and should be used on every open skin wound.

Burn Treatments

The skin is fragile and when it sustains a burn the most important thing is how it is treated shortly following the burn. If the burn is not treated it can get infected and have serious scarring.

Is the nature of your business working with heat and or fire? Burn gel, or cream burn treatment should be included in your fleet’s first aid kit.

Insect Bite

Insect bites are not always a first aid emergency, yet they can cause irritation or in some cases cause an allergic reaction. Depending on the area and environment where your drivers are, a bite and sting kit for bee stings, spider bites and more would be great.

Safety First

Get your employees protected while they are out there on the road with first aid kits for vehicles that are complete with everything they need in case of injury or emergency. Are your fleet vehicles equipped and ready?

Check out the rest of our first aid options, or contact us at First Aid Supplies Online with your questions about our products.