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Liquid Skin® Liquid Bandage – 10/bag


Liquid Skin® Liquid Bandage from Chemence Medical Products packaged in a convenient ten count bag.  Liquid Skin single-use .5 gram pipettes, 10/bag.

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Liquid Skin® Liquid Bandages provides a tough transparent protective skin barrier that is easy to apply, dries fast so it doesn’t run, and stays where you put it. Liquid Skin® first aid liquid bandage works really well for wounds on areas of skin that need to flex, so it makes a terrific sports or workplace bandage alternative. It is also great for painful skin cracks on fingertips that are common in cold weather.

Liquid Skin will cover your wound in only one application that will last 3-5 days even if it gets wet.  Once on, it is waterproof and will stay in place even on joints. Liquid Skin® won’t burn or sting and comes in a handy pipette for easy application. The pipette will fit in just about any first aid kit.

Liquid Skin® provides a low cost, effective alternative to adhesive bandages.

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