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Introducing Liquid Skin

| First Aid Supplies Online
Liquid Skin® from Chemence Medical Products is a liquid that you put over a small cut or abrasion that turns into a flexible waterproof cover for your wound. Even though it protects your injury from water and the elements, it allows the injury to breath which promotes the healing process.
So whether you need to get back in the game or back to work, Liquid Skin® provides wound protection you need right now. Unlike adhesive bandages, Liquid Skin® liquid bandages won’t come off if you get wet or are active. It will stay there and protect your wound so that you can get on with, well whatever.
Liquid Skin® will wash off in a few days and leave no trace material or stain, but can be reapplied if need be. It is also easy to apply and stays where you want it without running. It is especially good on skin that needs to flex, like between the fingers, knuckles, knees and elbows.
Liquid Skin® is a non-burning, high viscosity formula (thicker for controlled application), promotes healing, is more economical than adhesive bandages and relieves you of the pain and aggravation of changing out repeated bandage applications.
We think Liquid Skin® from Chemence is a must for every first aid kit.

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