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Burn Free Hydrogel Extra-Large Sterile Burn Dressing – 12″ x 12″


Burn Free Sterile Burn Dressing is designed for first aid use on all types of burn injuries.  12″ x 12″

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Burn Free Hydrogel  Sterile 12″ X 12″ Burn Dressing is a completely re-engineered hydrogel of 95% de-ionized ultrapure water thickened into a high viscosity odorless gel with soothing Aloe Vera. The burn dressing is constructed of an open-cell flexible foam carrier impregnated with advanced formula Burn Free gel. Burn dressing is packaged in a barrier foil package sterilized by radiation.  A single application of one dressing is an effective first-aid measure on burns.

Burn Free Dressing features:

  • Lightweight and easily transported
  • Efficiently covers burn site
  • Complete delivery of hydrogel to the burn site
  • Elastic enough to accommodate swelling and joint movement
  • Non-adherent inert foam does not shed threads, strands or fibers
  • Keeps wound moist and provides protection from contamination
  • Great for sunburn, relieves pain, cools and soothes
  • Easy removal for inspection and treatment of the burned area
  • The gel leaves no residue
  • It can easily be removed with water during normal debridement

Compare to Burn Aid and Water Jel.  One single-use 12″ x 12″ dressing ideal for hands, feet, extremities, shoulders, back and head.

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Weight 11.200000009877 oz
Dimensions 12 × 0.75 × 16 in