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Hydrogel Burn Dressings

First Aid Supplies Online features Hydrogel Burn Dressings for common burn care and serious emergencies.
For serious burns, we recommend that you use a hydrogel burn dressing to reduce the damage to soft tissue. Even when removed from the heat, a burn continues to progress unless and until it is cooled down. Hydrogel does an excellent job of cooling the burn, acting quickly to pull the heat out and stopping burn progression. It also relieves the pain of a burn quickly without application of topical anesthetics, and acts as a protective cover to guard against infection.
Burn Free hydrogel burn dressings are available in four sizes and packaged in tough Mylar pouches to hold up well in any first aid kit. We feature Burn Free hydrogel burn dressings in all of our Industrial first aid kits and Emergency Burn first aid kits.

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