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Hydrogel for Burns: Burn First Aid

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Burn wounds are serious injuries, and if not treated properly, can cause intense pain and infection. The American Burn Association states that 486,000 patients receive hospital and emergency treatment for burns each year. While many individuals turn to treatments like applying ice or cold water, these remedies don’t always provide sufficient healing, and can potentially damage a person’s condition further. Hydrogels work to treat a burn providing powerful healing and pain relief for many kinds of burns. Using them is simple and effective, and can help patient’s heal from burn injuries in less time with less pain.

Burn Free 4x4 Burn Dressing

Defining Burns and Burn Degrees

Burns are tissue damage as a result of contact from heat, electricity, radiation, or chemicals. Different degrees of burns result in different injuries. While treating burn injuries can be complex, there are two key concepts to remember when providing burn treatment. First, cool the burn to limit its severity. Second, relieve the pain by covering exposed nerve endings. How you treat a burn depends on its severity.

There are three different degrees of burns:

  1. First degree burns, also known as superficial burns, affect only the first layer of skin and are moist and red in color. They usually do not blister and heal within approximately one week. These are generally minor burns that do not require emergency medical attention.
  2. Second-degree burns affect the two top layers of skin. If the burn is larger than three inches you should seek professional medical attention.
  3. Third-degree burns affect the top three layers of skin and are full-thickness burns. This degree of burn should seek immediate medical attention.

What is hydrogel and how does it work?

We’ve all experienced burns to some extent. You come in contact with a heat source and even after you pull away, you still feel intense burning. That’s because a burn continues to progress until the wound completely cools. Hydrogel burn dressings work to treat a burn by cooling burns as quickly as possible to minimize damage and pain.  

The benefits of using hydrogel for burn treatment

  • Cools burns quickly
  • Provides temporary pain relief
  • Hydrates dry lesions

Hydrogels work to treat a burn quickly because they consist of 99.9 percent water that pulls heat out of your burn to stop burn progression quickly. They’re an excellent source for providing moisture to a dry lesion which decreases chances for infection and simplifies healing phases such as granulation, epidermis repair, and the removal of excess dead tissue. Hydrogels not only minimize the damage a burn can do, but they also reduce the pain associated with burns and can reduce the chance of the patient going into shock.

Hydrogel burn treatment decreases pain, recuperation time, and scarring for burns of varying degrees. First Aid Supplies Online features Hydrogel Burn Treatment for common burn care and serious emergencies. To stay safe and healthy, shop for hydrogel burn treatment at First Aid Supplies Online.