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If You Survive a Catastrophe, Will Your First Aid Kit?

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The HED, harsh environment, disaster first aid kit came to us as an idea we got reading “Wilderness First Aid Manual” by William W. Forgey, M.D. We’ve been selling this excellent first aid guide on our website for several years and it has become quite popular.

In the introduction of his book Dr. Forgey writes, “Virtually any place can be considered wilderness after an 8.0 on the Richter Scale!” One could say the same of a severe weather event or even a terrorist attack. “ This got us to thinking about how important it would be to have your first aid supplies intact in the event one of these catastrophes does occur.

What if there was an 8.0 earth quake, flood or severe storm? There could be all sorts of damage with buildings collapsing, power interruptions, flooding, fires you name it. Once the storm has passed there is a real possibility that there are going to be survivors in need of first aid. There is also a real possibility that fire and EMS resources for your area are going to be overwhelmed and you may be on your own for hours, perhaps days. The question then becomes, “did my first aid kit survive?”

That’s why it made sense to us to put together a comprehensive first aid kit that would have an excellent chance of surviving one of these harsh environmental. So it made sense to go with the famous Pelican® EMS cases as our kit container.

Pelican® is known as makers of the toughest equipment cases in the world.

This rugged kit is designed on the inside to be a highly effective EMS responder kit and at the same time is virtually crush proof and water tight the perfect combination to provide the best chance of surviving a disaster. Surviving the event was the first priority, next came the supplies.

Thinking through our disaster scenario, we wanted to provide in the first aid supplies in the HED kit to be copious and user friendly. We focused on supplies that could be easily identified and effectively used by ordinary people. In other words lifesaving first aid products that one didn’t need special training to use. This is one of the things that make the HED kit different, it’s not a professional EMT trauma kit full of stuff that only a professional knows what to do with.

The HED kits come in two sizes one for families and a larger one for groups of 25 to 50 persons. The family first responder kit can be used by anyone. The large group size first aid kit, we recommend that one or more of your group be trained in First Aid and CPR.

As we can’t know it all and be prepared for all emergencies we have also made the empty Pelican® EMS cases available for sale on our website as well.