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Waterproof Indestructible Adventure First Aid Kits (WIAFAK) That Stand Up To Disasters

| First Aid Supplies Online

WIAFAK first aid supplies online

First Aid Supplies Online is proud to announce our very own line of adventure first aid kits WIAFAK, the waterproof, practically indestructible, adventure first aid kit.

We designed this very special WIAFAK to take with you whenever you’re on the road or any adventure.  We packed this terrific kit in the indestructible, waterproof Boulder Case to ensure that your first aid supplies are dry and intact when you need them.  Take this WIAFAK with you on your boat, ORV, RV, truck or automobile and you will be prepared if an emergency strikes.

An indestructible Boulder case for ultimate protection of first aid supplies

Because our WIAFAK comes in a practically indestructible Boulder case, it can withstand the punishment that comes your way on the road to adventure.  Because this kit box is so tough, you can pack it in tight and it will protect your first aid supplies. The Boulder case will survive the impact of a collision, earthquake or natural disaster.

Waterproof first aid kit with floating capability

Not only is the Boulder case waterproof, if it’s dropped in the water it will float to the surface, keeping your first aid supplies in pristine condition.  Standard on this WIAFAK case is a watertight pressure relief valve that makes it safe to carry in your ultralight or airplane.

WIAFAK is packed with the quality first aid supplies you need on the road to adventure, based on the real-life experience of ordinary people and approved first aid treatment guidelines.

There isn’t anything* in this WIAFAK that requires special training, but it covers the basics in first aid treatment:

  1. Stop the bleeding
  2. Make sure the victim is breathing
  3. Treat for shock

In addition, there are cutting-edge products to treat burns, scrapes, contusions, insect sting, eye injuries, broken bones and more.

First Aid Supplies for treatment in any situation, including natural disasters

Based upon real-life experience, the supplies in this WIAFAK provide you with the proper equipment needed to render first aid in many different situations. The WIAFAK helps you keep your loved ones safe and comfortable until help arrives.

Imagine yourself on the road to adventure many miles from a city or large town. Have a slip and fall and sustain a serious laceration, and you’ll need to stop that bleeding and protect the wound until you can get help. This actually happened to me on the first day of my vacation earlier this summer. Or imagine you witness a serious motor vehicle accident or worse are involved in one, there will be people that need your help and the first aid supplies in your WIAFAK can give it to them.

Whether you’re off the road in an ORV or on the road in your RV, you need to fend for yourself until you can get to help.  That’s what WIAFAK is all about. You could find yourself on a remote lake, down some lonely country road or sustain a serious burn while trying to cool down your car’s radiator.  Let’s face it life on the planet is hazardous to your health.

WIAFAKs comes in three compact sizes and shapes to accommodate smaller or larger parties. Be prepared for adventurous accidents and any natural disasters with WIAFAK at First Aid Supplies Online.

*We recommend that you watch the two videos on Wound Seal stop bleeding powder and the Swat T tourniquet/pressure wrap to familiarize yourself on these amazing products if you haven’t used them before.